Travel Planning & Advice Forms

Planning a trip? Get the best travel advice and tips from Travelin With Stiles. Fill out our forms, submit your information and get personalized recommendations tailored for your needs.

Customer Intake Form - We're thrilled to have the opportunity to craft your dream vacation. To ensure that we can provide a personalized travel experience that meets your unique preferences and needs, we kindly ask you to fill out our customer intake form.

This form will help us understand more about you such as your travel preferences, budget, desired destinations, accommodation preferences, and any special requirements you might have. The details you provide will enable us to tailor-make your travel experience, ensuring it's as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Rest assured, your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of enhancing your travel planning experience with us. Your dream journey is just a few clicks away!

Insurance Waiver Form - this form will need completed if you decline travel insurance, and emailed to

Non-Website Credit Card Authorization Form - Use this if you book travel directly with me and not on the booking engine. This will also need emailed to